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Whether you are a magazine publisher, website owner or a traditional boxed software retailer, we can give you your own electronic software distribution (ESD) store which will enable you to provide downloadable software to your customers or web users, with the minimum of work required. You receive a commission from every sale, without any commitment, up-front financing, hosting or development work.

Back in 2008 we, Creativemark, wanted to develop a better ESD system to provide software to our web users. From the start we developed our store(s) to enable other companies to offer their own customised, branded store and received a guaranteed payment every month from sales made through your store.

Our store concept is based on the Cleverbridge e-commerce platform that powers the checkout for brands such as Acronis, Laplink, Uniblue, Paragon Software and many others. When you launch your own store based on this platform, you have access to all these brands, plus others than we have signed up, including AVG, Kaspersky, PC Tools, Magix, Cyberlink and others TBC through 2010. Every time we add a brand, these will be available in your store. You can also sell your own products from your store and you are not just limited to downloadable software. Our store concept enables you to provide a backup installation CD, cables and other components that can be sent by post. Your store is based on the Cleverbridge affiliate network. For every sale made through your store, you are paid a commission that is agreed by Cleverbridge and each software developer. As an example, Acronis, Paragon Software and others pay 30%. Uniblue pay 45% commission.

Best of all, there's no commitment, no contract required and you are paid directly by Cleverbridge, by wire transfer, PayPal or check, every month, on approximately the 16th of the month. You have access to your own store transactions (view by hour, day, week, month etc), the number of 'user sessions', cookies stored on your store, so you can quickly see the real-time performance of your store and store products. In addition, you can add tracking to your store so you can use WebTrends, Google Analytics or other advanced web tracking services to see detailed access of your store customers.

Your store can be completely customised. On a basic level, you can have your own store domain (as an example,, a branded store header/footer and store newsletter. Your store is independent from other stores on the platform, can host its own adverts (mini-MPUs), sends custom store notification information to your users and much more. You can even have multiple branded stores that operate independently, with their own revenue stream.

Your store can be translated. Each store is powered by our content management system (CMS) that was developed ground-up to provide an independent white label structure, which means that your company could have a store in English and an alternative store in another language. As the store concept is powered by the Cleverbridge platform, the store checkout is automatically available in 18 languages and supports 23 currencies. A customer from the USA can see products priced in USD and order in USD. A customer in Sweden can see prices in Swedish Krona, order in Swedish and purchase in SEK. To your international customers, the store will appear as if it's localised for their territory.

Your Store Questions Answered

What Are Our Store Commitments?

Apart from promoting your store and store products, there are few commitments. We do not ask you to sign a contract, you are not committed long-term, you own and keep control of your own store domain/sub-domain. Each store is based on an affiliate system, so each software product is sold as an affiliate of the original brand, thus commitment is minimal. We simply ask you to promote your store. If you are ever unhappy, you can simply walk away or stop promoting the store. Unlike other store providers, we do not care if you promote software outside the Cleverbridge network or have another store on your website.

How Do We Track Sales & How Much Will We Make From Our Store?

Income various based on each software brand and depends on their affiliate model. The store concept resides on the Cleverbridge affiliate network and your commission depends on each software developer. For example, Acronis, Paragon Software and others pay 30% per sale. Uniblue pay 45%. However, the average transaction warrants 20% commission per sale. You will be paid directly by Cleverbridge, around the 16th of every month, for sales from the previous month. Each store is provided with an advanced online system which can be used to see orders real-time, the number of 'user sessions', monitor the performance of each software product and see the commission earned during the last week, month, quarter or year.

How Quickly Can We Have Our Own Store?

Our store concept was developed to provide an independent store with the minimum of effort. We can get your a branded store, on your own domain/sub-domain, ready within two weeks and often much sooner. We want you to be trading and earning a commission within days and not weeks.

What Do You Require From Us?

We need you to assign domain or sub-domain to your store. This could be something like where this sub-domain is pointed to our server. You have full control over your domain and this is a simple internal DNS change that takes under 15 minutes to arrange. We ask you to promote your store and link from your website. We can provide 300x250 branded store MPUs which you can use on your website to promote the store and/or store products. Note that we organise the store hosting, each store sits on the CMS we developed and can be controlled separately.

We Are Paid By Cleverbridge?

Each store is based on the Cleverbridge e-commerce platform and affiliate network. You are an affiliate of Cleverbridge, through your store. Cleverbridge are a well-estimated e-commerce provider for key brands such as Acronis and Laplink. Each store owner is paid around the 16th of the month, based on the sales performance from the previous month. You are paid by either wire transfer, PayPal or by check. You make the decision on how you are paid. You can be paid in USD, EUR or GBP.

Can We Sell Our Own Products?

Yes! Although the store concept is based around ESD (providing downloadable software products), our stores do sell a few hardware components, such as cables, backup CDs and more. However, you can also sell your own products. You could use your store to sell back-issues of magazines, a subscription service for your website and more. The Cleverbridge e-commerce platform is immensely powerful, enabling you to sell software products via electronic download, send boxed products through the post, organise postage prices per territory and more. We can discuss your requirements.

Can We Expect Other Brands? Suggest Our Own?

Yes! We're adding our own software brands every months. We have additional brands planned for inclusion through 2010. We also support additional brands that sign up to the Cleverbridge platform. For example, Ipswitch are moving across to Cleverbridge, so Ipswitch products will be added before Easter 2010. You can also suggest your own brands and even do some basic negotiation on behalf of your store.

Do We Have a Store Newsletter?

We provide a store newsletter that we send to users each week. This newsletter is independent across the store brands and is branded differently for each store. You can control the distribution of your store newsletter or we can do this on your behalf. We send out a store newsletter weekly. We can change your store newsletter distribution to bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your requirements.

How Do We Manage Store Promotions?

Many store promotions are equal across every store. For example, we may choose to give away some software when a customer purchases Extended Download Insurance. This offer will be available across all stores. However, as each store is independent, we can organise a promotion unique to each store. For example, we could offer 20% off a software application, in association with the software developer, specifically for your territory. You can discuss and organise your own promotions.

Who Looks After Customer Information?

Cleverbridge handle the transactions and power the e-commerce, so they handle customer information. As Cleverbridge are pure e-commerce providers, they do not use customer information for any purpose apart storing data about a customer order. Cleverbridge handle all refunds, deal with customer support and more. They do not contact customers directly. We retain basisc customer information if they choose to subscribe to the store newsletter. We have no access to customer account information and do not pro-actively contact customers, apart from through their newsletter.

Who Handles The Extended Download Insurance?

This is an insurance service provided by each store, if included with the order. This enables a customer to retrieve their order receipt, serial code(s) and downloads for up to two years after they place their order. We handle the Extended Download Insurance as part of the store ownership and the customer account information is secured by the customer. If the customer does not order Extended Download Insurance, they have 30 days to download their software as is standard industry practise.

Ok, So How Do We Contact You?

Simply go to the Contact Us section and select the 'We're interested in hosting a store' option to find more. Send us the URL of the website where you intend to promote your software store, we'll take a look and will come back to you with the next steps (ie. branding, sub-domain thoughts and so on) within 48 hours. We should be able to get your store online within two weeks.

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